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Previewing a Document Before You Print It
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Previewing a Document Before You Print It
Before sending a document to the printer, make sure that it’s formatted correctly and
that the printed version will look the way you want it to. To get a preview, head for
the View tab and check out any of these ways of looking at your document:
Print Layout view (View Print Layout or Alt, W, P), as its name implies, shows
you how the document will look when printed. This view includes page
numbers, as well as any headers and footers, although these elements are grayed out
unless you’re actively working with them.
One Page (View One Page or Alt, W, 1) gives you a bird’s-eye view of a page,
zooming out so that the entire page fits on your screen.
Two Pages (View Two Pages or Alt, W, 2) zooms out even farther, to show two
full pages side by side.
If you need to make changes to your document, you can edit it in any of these views,
although the One Page and Two Pages views shrink the document so much that it’s
hard to see what you’re doing.
Tip: See page 26 to learn more about different ways to view a document in Word.
Word also shows you a preview as part of the printing process, as shown in Figure
5-1. Select File Print (Alt, F, P) to see it. You can’t edit the document in this mode,
but you can see the entire document, one page at a time, by using the right-hand
scroll bar to move through it. If you need to make changes before printing, click one
of the other tabs, such as Home or Review, to scoot back to editing mode.
Tip: Add the Print Preview button to your Quick Access toolbar to get a shortcut to the Backstage Print
page shown in Figure 5-1.
Printing a Document
To open the Backstage Print page shown in Figure 5-1, select File Print (Alt, F, P).
Pressing Ctrl+P also gets you there. Select the number of copies and any print
settings you want (the next section reviews them in detail) and click the big Print
button at the top of the Print section. Word sends your document to the printer.
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