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Selecting Print Options and Settings
Selecting Print
Options and Settings
Figure 5-1:
In Word 2010, you
go Backstage to print
your document by
clicking the File tab
and selecting Print.
This is where you
preview the document,
select a printer, and
choose print settings
like paper size and
which pages to print.
Selecting Print Options and Settings
Word 2010 gives you a lot of flexibility in printing. Even if you’ve got several
different printers, Word keeps them all straight, so you can easily choose the one that
works best for a particular print job. And with the Backstage mode, it’s easier than
ever to make sure your settings are just so before you hit Print.
Choosing a Printer
Many people have more than one printer connected to their computer. For example,
you might use a laser printer for documents and an inkjet for glossy photos. Other
“printing” options include faxing or sending the document to another program, like
OneNote (Chapter 30).
The Print page’s Printer section has a button that shows you the default printer (it
has a checkmark on the printer icon, as Figure 5-1 shows). If that’s the printer you
want to use, then you’re all set. To choose another one, click the printer button and
choose the option from the menu that appears.
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