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Sending a Fax
Sending a Fax
Single- or double-sided. Into saving paper? Here you can choose to print
double-sided and use half the paper. If your printer can’t handle duplex printing,
Word will pause the printing job halfway through and prompt you to reload the
paper to print the rest on the second side.
Collation. When you’re printing multiple copies, you can save yourself time
shuffling pages if you choose Collated (1,2,3 1,2,3 1,2,3) over Uncollated (1,1,1
2,2,2 3,3,3).
Orientation. If the Print Preview shows that your document is set for portrait
orientation when you want landscape, you can fix it here.
Paper size. Word can format your pages according to a wide range of paper
sizes; choose the page or envelope size you want here.
Margins. Adjust a document’s margins and see the results in Print Preview
before you print. Word has several built-in options; click Custom Margins and set
the margins manually (page 65) if none of the built-ins meet your needs.
Pages per sheet. Usually, you’ll print a single page per sheet of paper. But for
some jobs, like printing name badges for a conference, you might want to print
multiple pages on a single sheet. Choose the number of pages that print on each
sheet here.
Sending a Fax
Word may help you reduce the number of machines in your home. If you’ve got a fax
modem or your computer is connected to a fax server on a network, you can call any
fax number and dispatch your document directly from your computer.
Creating a Cover Page
The easiest way to create a cover page for a fax is to make it the first page of the
document you’re faxing. Just type the recipient’s name and fax number, your name and
fax number, and perhaps a subject or a notification of how many pages are following.
When you send the fax—instant cover page.
If you use the same cover page over and over again, though, you can create a cover
page in the Windows Fax and Scan utility program and save it for future use. Later,
when you send a fax from Word, you can choose a previously created cover page
from a drop-down list and send it with your fax.
Note: Windows Fax and Scan comes with all editions of Windows 7 and the Business, Enterprise, and
Ultimate editions of Windows Vista.
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