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Sending a Fax
Sending a Fax
Here’s how to create a cover page in Windows Fax and Scan:
1. Click the Windows Start button and select All Programs Windows Fax
The Windows Fax and Scan program starts up.
2. In the lower-left part of the screen,make sure Fax is selected. Then select
Tools CoverPages New.
A window opens where you can design your cover page.
3. ClickInsert.
The Insert menu has three options: Recipient, Sender, and Message.
4. For each option, select what you want to display on the cover page, such
as Recipient Name, Recipient Fax Number, Sender Name, Sender
Company,Message Subject,andsoon.
As you select what you want to include, Fax and Scan inserts text boxes with
your selection on the page. As Figure 5-2 shows, each insertion has two text
boxes: a label and some placeholder text.
5. Toreplacetheplaceholdertextwithyourowntext,clickthetextboxandthen
The placeholder text disappears.
6. Ifyouwanttoaddmoretext,clicktheTextbutton.Whenthecursorbecomes
Repeat this process until the cover page has all the information you want.
Figure 5-2:
Create a cover page
by inserting labels
(like Recipient Name:)
and using text boxes
to contain the specific
information you want
for the cover page.
You can save cover
pages to reuse later.
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