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Sending a Fax
Sending a Fax
7. Whenyou’refinished,clicktheSavebuttonorFile Save.
The Save As dialog box opens.
8. Giveyourcoverpageaname,suchas“PriceQuote”or“HomeOffice,”inthe
Fax and Scan saves your cover page for use in any Office program that lets you
send faxes.
When you’re ready to send a fax (see the next section), you can choose a saved cover
page from a drop-down list.
Sending a Fax
Word considers sending a fax a form of printing, so when you need to send a fax
from your computer, head Backstage to the Print page (File Print; Alt, F, P; or
Ctrl+P). From there, sending a fax takes only a few quick steps:
Note: Before you can send a fax, you have to tell Word how to send faxes. The first time you choose
Fax and then click Print on the Print page, the Fax Setup dialog box opens. This dialog box gives you two
choices about how to send the fax: using your computer’s modem or using a fax server on a network.
If you send faxes using your company’s network fax server, Word needs to know the server’s name and
network address. (You can get this info from your network administrator.)
1. OpenthedocumentyouwanttofaxandselectFile Print(Alt,F,PorCtrl+P).
The Print page (Figure 5-1) opens.
2. InthePrintersection,selectFaxandthenclickPrint.
Windows Fax and Scan’s New Fax dialog box, shown in Figure 5-3, opens. Here’s
what it contains:
Cover Page. If you’ve created and saved any cover pages in Fax and Scan,
they’re listed in this drop-down menu. Select one if you want, or stick with
the default None.
To. Type in a recipient name or click the button to select from any contacts
you’ve added to Fax and Scan.
Dialing rule. If you need to do anything special to dial out, such as dial 9
before the number, select the rule here. Click the “New rule” button to
create a dialing rule.
Subject. If you want to include a subject with your fax, type it in here.
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