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Printing Envelopes
Printing Envelopes
Attach. Word automatically fills in this box with an image of your
document; behind the scenes it converts your document into the universally
readable TIF image file format.
3. Whenyou’vemadeyourselections,clickSend.
Off goes your fax to its destination.
Figure 5-3:
When you send a
fax, Word saves your
document as a TIF
(tagged image
format) file. Essentially,
it takes a picture of
your document and
sends that as the fax.
The TIF appears in
this dialog box as an
Printing Envelopes
Although email is fast, convenient, and nearly instantaneous, it hasn’t taken over the
world quite yet. There are still times when you want to print out an old-fashioned
letter—the kind you fold up, put in an envelope, stick a stamp on, and drop in the mail.
Word makes it easy to quickly print out an addressed envelope. For business
correspondence, a printed envelope looks crisper and more professional than a
handwritten one. The process is so simple that you’ll have the envelope printed out in
less time than it would take to find a pen. And check this out: If you live in the
U.S., you can even pay for postage and print it right on the envelope—no need to
stick on a stamp (page 146 tells you more about using Word with your electronic
postage software).
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