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Printing Envelopes
Printing Envelopes
Start by telling Word what your return address is:
1. SelectFile Options(Alt,F,I)andthenchooseAdvanced.
This opens the “Advanced options for working with Word” dialog box.
2. ScrolldowntotheGeneralsectionandtypeyourreturnaddressinthe“Mail-
Word stores the address you typed as your return address for all envelopes.
Now, when you prepare an envelope for printing, this address appears as the
return address. (You can always edit it if necessary—for example, if you move
or if you’re writing a letter on someone else’s behalf.)
Next, write your letter. To prepare an envelope for mailing the letter, follow these steps:
1. WiththeletteropeninWord,selectMailings Envelopes(Alt,M,E).
The Envelopes and Labels dialog box opens to the Envelopes tab, shown in
Figure 5-4. If an address appears in the “Delivery address” box, check to make sure
that it’s the recipient’s correct address. If you don’t see an address here, type in
the recipient’s address as you want it to appear on the envelope.
Tip: To grab an address from your Outlook Address Book (page 279), click the button with the little
picture of a topic just above the “Delivery address” box. The first time you do, the Choose Profile box opens,
asking you to pick a source for addresses. Select your Outlook address book. Now, when you choose an
existing contact, the address magically appears—with no extra typing on your part.
2. Check the address in the “Return address” box andmake any adjustments
If you make any changes to the return address, Word asks before it closes the
dialog box if you want to use the changed address as your new default return
3. CheckthePreviewpanetomakesuretheenvelopelooksthewayyouwantitto.
You can adjust envelope size, font, and address positioning (page 144), as well
as the feed method for your printer (page 145) by clicking the Options button
and selecting the Envelope Options or the Printing Options tab of the dialog
box that opens.
4. Wheneverythinglooksgood,feedanenvelopeintoyourprinterandclickPrint.
Word closes the dialog box (without saving the address) and prints the envelope.
Tip: You can save the envelope right with the letter for future use. Instead of clicking Print, click Add to
Document. Word inserts the formatted envelope as page 1 of the document. You can print both the letter
and the envelope at the same time, or you can print just the envelope (follow the steps on page 136 for
printing a document, selecting page 1 as the only page to print).
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