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Formatting Envelope Addresses
Printing Envelopes
Figure 5-4:
As you prepare to print out an envelope,
check the delivery address (top) and the
return address (beneath it); if you need to
make corrections, click inside either box to
type there. If either address isn’t positioned
quite right in the Preview, click Options to
adjust the positioning.
Formatting Envelope Addresses
When you create an addressed envelope to print out, Word automatically formats
and places the text on a size 10 envelope (4⅛ × 9½ inches—the standard business
size in the U.S.). You can change the font, its placement on the envelope, or the
envelope size. To do that, open the Envelopes and Labels dialog box (Mailings Envelopes
or Alt, M, E) and click the Options button. This opens the Envelope Options dialog
box to the Envelope Options tab, shown in Figure 5-5.
The Envelope Options tab lets you adjust these elements of an envelope:
Envelope size. Use this drop-down list to select the size of the envelope you’re
using. When you choose a size, the Preview changes to reflect the change.
Address font. Click the Font button to change a font or its size or to add
special formatting (like bold or italic). There are separate sections for the delivery
address and the return address, so you have to format each address separately.
Address position. The “From left” and “From top” drop-down lists let you
choose how far each address is from the envelope’s left and top edges. Auto,
the default, lets Word determine the distance. Use the up and down arrows to
change an address’s distance (in inches) from either edge. The Preview shows
the new positioning as you make your selections.
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