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Adding Electronic Postage
Printing Envelopes
Figure 5-6:
Choose the picture that represents the way you feed envelopes
into your printer, and make sure Word knows whether the printer
prints face up or face down.
Adding Electronic Postage
Save yourself a step by paying for and printing postage when you print an envelope.
No more having to make a trip to the Post Office because you’ve run out of stamps.
Before you can use electronic postage with Word, you need to subscribe to an
electronic postage service, such as ( ) , and install its
software on your computer. When you’ve done that, printing postage is easy:
1. On the Envelopes tab of the Envelopes and Labels dialog box, turn on the
If you haven’t yet installed an electronic postage program, Word lets you know
that you need one and offers to take you to the Microsoft Office Online website
for more information.
2. Toadjustyourelectronicpostagesetup,clicktheE-postagePropertiesbutton.
This takes you to your electronic postage program, where you can adjust the
postage amount, add a special service (like Priority Mail or delivery confirmation), or
change the date. How this works depends on the postage service you use.
3. BackintheEnvelopesandLabelsdialogbox,clickPrint.
Your postage-paid envelope prints.
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