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Merging Names and Addresses with Documents
Merging Names
and Addresses with
Tip: If you’ve given Word a default return address (page 143) and want to print out a sheet of return
address labels, turn on the upper-right “Use return address” checkbox.
3. In thePrint section, choosewhetheryouwantWord toprinta fullpageof
If you choose Single label, choose the label’s row and column to tell Word where
on the sheet to print the label.
4. Ifnecessary, clickOptions to select the brand andproductnumber for the
The Label Options dialog box opens. Choose the brand of label you use from
the “Label vendors” drop-down menu. When you do, the “Product number”
menu changes to display products from that company. When you’ve made your
choices, click OK to return to the Envelopes and Labels dialog box.
5. Make sure you’ve put the label sheet in your printer’s feed tray, and then
Word sends your labels to the printer.
Merging Names and Addresses with Documents
When you open a letter that’s addressed to “Dear Sir or Madam,” you probably toss it
into the recycling bin. Most people do. An impersonal letter that’s not even addressed
to you isn’t much of an attention-getter. That’s why Mail Merge was invented. It lets
you send the same letter to multiple recipients with personalized touches: individual
addresses, custom salutations, and more. So when you’re sending a form letter to a
bunch of different people—for example a fund-raising letter for your nonprofit, a
new product list, or a quarterly update for clients—Mail Merge individualizes each
printed letter for its recipient.
No matter how big your mailing, Word makes it a snap with an easy-to-use Mail
Merge wizard that walks you through the process, one step at a time. To begin, select
Mailings Start Mail Merge Step by Step Mail Merge Wizard (Alt, M, S, W). This
opens the Mail Merge window, shown in Figure 5-8. There are six steps to doing a
mail merge. If you’re not sure where you are in the process, just glance at the bottom
of the window.
Tip: The Mail Merge wizard is the easiest way to do a mail merge, whether you’re working with letters,
envelopes, or mailing labels. Whichever kind of document you choose, you follow the same six steps
described in this section.
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