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Step 1: Select Document Type
Merging Names
and Addresses with
Click this button…
…to start the Mail Merge wizard in this pane.
Figure 5-8:
The Mail Merge
wizard breaks up a
complex mail merge
into a series of simple
Step 1: Select Document Type
The first step of the Mail Merge wizard, shown in Figure 5-8, is to choose the kind of
document you’re going to merge. Turn on the radio button for one of these options:
Letters. Choose this option to send personalized versions of the same basic
letter to multiple recipients.
E-mail messages. If you want to send your multi-recipient letter via email
instead of printing out copies, this is the way to go.
Envelopes. Print addressed envelopes to send out your letters.
Labels. Choose this option to print addresses on labels, rather than on envelopes.
Directory. Use this option when you want to create and print out a list of
In this example, you’re using Mail Merge to create and print personalized letters,
so turn on the Letters radio button and, at the bottom of the window, click “Next:
Starting document.”
Tip: To make the Mail Merge window easier to read, click the upper-right down arrow, which lets you
move and resize the window.
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