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Step 4: Write Your Letter
Merging Names
and Addresses with
Step 4: Write Your Letter
In this step, you write your letter (if you haven’t done so already) and add recipient
information in the appropriate places. To do that, click the location in your
document where you want to insert information from your mailing list. Then, in the Mail
Merge window, click one of these links:
Address block. When you click this link, the Insert Address Block dialog box,
shown in Figure 5-10, opens. Here you tell Word what to insert (such as the
recipient’s name and postal address) and how to format it (such as “Mr. Bill
Smith,” “Bill Smith,” or “The Smith Family”). The Preview pane shows how the
formatted address block will look. Use the arrows to check the address block
formatting for each name on your mailing list.
Greeting line. This opens the Insert Greeting Line dialog box, where you
format and insert recipient information into the letter’s salutation: “Dear Bill,”
“Dear Mr. Smith,” “Dear Mr. Bill Smith,” and so on.
Electronic postage. If you’ve got electronic postage software installed on your
computer (page 146), you can add postage to your letters by clicking this link.
More items. If other items appear on your mailing list that you want to insert
into the letter, such as a product the recipient recently purchased from your
company, you can add it to your letter by clicking this link. The Insert Merge
Field dialog box opens, listing all the fields (column headings) that make up
your data source (the spreadsheet or table you’re using to supply information
for the mail merge). Click any field on the list to insert it into your letter.
Whichever Insert dialog box you’re using, click OK to insert the formatted info into
the spot you selected in your letter. To insert a different kind of information, click
the place in the letter where you want the information to appear, and then click the
appropriate link. Keep doing this until you’ve personalized the letter the way you
want it. Then click “Next: Preview your letters.”
Step 5: Preview Your Letters
Word shows you a merged letter in the document pane, so you can review the final
version and make sure it looks good. You can edit the letter’s static content (the text
that’s the same in each letter) in the document pane, but if you want to make changes
to the merged content, click the “Previous: Write your letter” link at the bottom of
the Mail Merge window.
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