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Do-It-Yourself Mail Merge with the Mailings Tab’s Buttons
Merging Names
and Addresses with
the one that currently appears in the document pane, or letters to a range of
recipients. Click OK. Word opens a new document in which each letter of your mail merge
begins on its own page. In this document, you can edit any letter without making
changes to all the other letters. When you’re done, print the document as you would
any other document (page 135).
Do-It-Yourself Mail Merge with the Mailings Tab’s Buttons
Although the wizard is by far the easiest and most foolproof way to do a mail merge,
the buttons on the Mailings tab let you do a mail merge on your own, if for example
you want to jump in and make an adjustment in the middle of the process (rather
than going through the whole thing step by step). To do a wizard-free mail merge,
follow the same process, going from right to left on the Mailings ribbon:
• Begin with Start Mail Merge (Alt, M, S) and select the kind of merge you want
to do (letters, envelopes, labels, and so on).
• Then click Select Recipients (Alt, M, R) to choose the source of your data,
followed by Edit Recipient List (Alt, M, D) to fine-tune that data.
• To insert fields, use the Address Block (Alt, M, A), Greeting Line (Alt, M, G),
and Insert Merge Field (Alt, M, I) buttons.
• To preview your documents, click Preview Result (Alt, M, P).
• To finish the merge and print your documents, click Finish & Merge (Alt, M, F).
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