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Inserting a Section Break
Breaking a
Document into
Next Page (Alt, P, B, N). This combines a section break with a page break;
Word starts the new section on a new page.
Continuous (Alt, P, B, O). When you insert a continuous section break, Word
starts the new section on the current page.
Even Page (Alt, P, B, E). This option begins the new section on the next
evennumbered page. So if the current section ends on an even-numbered page,
Word inserts a blank, odd-numbered page at the end of one section and before
the beginning of the next.
Odd Page (Alt, P, B, D). This works just like an Even Page section break, except
the new section begins on the next odd-numbered page. You might use this
kind of section break when you’re laying out pages for a book and you want to
start each new section or chapter on a right-hand page.
Inserting a Section Break
To insert a section break, position the cursor at the beginning of the first line of the
new section. Open the Section Breaks menu by selecting Page Layout Breaks (Alt, P,
B), and then choose one of the options listed in the previous section.
Word inserts a section break and starts the next section where you indicated. (To see
the section break, press Ctrl+* to make Word show hidden characters.) The cursor
is blinking away in your new section; start typing to add content to the new section.
Changing the Orientation of a New Section
After you’ve inserted a section break, make sure the cursor is in the new section.
Then select Page Layout Orientation (Alt, P, O) and choose either Portrait or
Landscape. To switch back to the document’s usual orientation, insert another new
section and repeat the process.
Changing the Page Numbering of a New Section
One good reason to start a new section is to separate preliminary material, like a
prologue, from the rest of a document. You might want the prologue to use Roman
numerals for page numbers, for example, and Chapter 1 to start on page 1.
Create a document and insert page numbers into it (page 78 tells you how to do
that). Then follow these steps:
1. Inserta sectionbreakbetween the two
Choose any kind of section break that starts the next section on a new page:
Next Page, Even Page, or Odd Page.
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