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Inserting a Footnote
Footnotes and
of a document or a section). Both are easy. You can even convert one to the other if
you change your preference. Best of all, Word handles all the numbering and
formatting for you.
You insert footnotes and endnotes from the Footnotes section of the References tab
(Alt, S), shown in Figure 6-2.
Footnote &
Figure 6-2:
To insert a footnote
or endnote, go to
the References tab’s
Footnotes section.
This figure shows
what a footnote
looks like in Print
Layout view.
Inserting a Footnote
First make sure your document is in Print Layout view and then position the cursor
where you want the footnote mark to appear. Select References Insert Footnote (Alt,
S, F). Two things happen:
• Word inserts a superscript number as a footnote mark at your insertion point.
• At the bottom of the page, Word inserts a corresponding footnote number and
puts the cursor just after it, so you can start typing your footnote.
When you’ve finished typing your note, click in the main body of the document and
continue writing or editing.
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