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Inserting an Endnote
Footnotes and
Note: If you insert a footnote while you’re working in Web Layout, Outline, or Draft view, the Footnotes
pane opens at the bottom of the screen. Type your footnote in that rectangular window. When you’re
done, close the Footnotes pane by clicking its upper-right X.
Inserting an Endnote
This works pretty much the same way as inserting a footnote. Put the cursor wherever
you want the endnote mark to appear and then select References Insert Endnote
(Alt, S, E). Word sticks the endnote mark there and then immediately jumps to the
end of the document, where it adds the corresponding note number and positions
the cursor. Just type to write your note.
Tip: To find your way back from an endnote to its reference in the text, double-click the number or
symbol that appears at the beginning of the endnote. Word jumps right back to the corresponding endnote
mark in the text. This works for footnotes, too.
Editing a Note
After you’ve inserted a note, double-click the note mark in the text to jump to that
note. If you’re in Print Layout view, Word jumps to the position of the note in the
document. If you’re in Draft or another view, Word opens the Footnotes or Endnotes
pane and places the cursor at the corresponding note. Either way, you can edit the
note just as you’d edit any other text.
Navigating Notes
To find the next footnote in your document, use the Next Footnote button:
References Next Footnote. Or click the down arrow at the right of the Next
Footnote button. This opens a menu showing you these options:
Next Footnote (Alt, S, O, N) jumps forward to the next footnote in your document.
Previous Footnote (Alt, S, O, P) jumps back to the closest previous footnote.
Next Endnote (Alt, S, O, X) moves to the document’s next endnote.
Previous Endnote (Alt, S, O, V) moves to the previous endnote.
Choosing one of these options takes you to the footnote or endnote mark in the
text. Hover your mouse pointer over the note mark to read the associated note as a
ScreenTip (pop-up window), or double-click the marker to go to the note itself.
Another way to move through your notes is to open the Footnote or Endnote pane.
In Draft view, select References Show Notes (Alt, S, H). The pane opens at the
bottom of the screen, where you can scroll through it to read all footnotes or endnotes.
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