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Inserting an Existing Citation
Citations and
Tip: Sometimes you might want to enter more bibliographical information than Word shows in the Create
Source dialog box. For example, maybe your source is a book translated from another language—there’s a
field for the author’s name, but not for the translator. To see more fields, turn on the lower-right Show All
Bibliography Fields checkbox. When you do, the Create Source dialog box expands to show more fields,
including Translator. So you don’t get overwhelmed by all the fields, Word puts a red asterisk (*) next to
fields recommended for the citation style you’re using.
4. When you’ve filled in all the necessary information about your source,
Word inserts the citation into your document and adds it to the Citation
Gallery, a list of citations on the Insert Citation menu. If you want to insert the same
citation elsewhere in the document, put the cursor where you want the citation
to appear, select References Insert Citation (Alt, S, C) and choose the citation
you want from the list.
Figure 6-4:
The Create Source
dialog captures the
information you need
to insert a citation into
the text and, later, to
create a bibliography.
Be sure to fill out the
fields required for
bibliography entries. (If you
don’t see a field you
need, such as Editor,
turn on the lower-left
Show All Bibliography
Fields checkbox to
display them.)
Tip: Get easy access to your list of citations by clicking References➝Insert Citation, right-clicking any
citation that appears on the menu, and then clicking Add Gallery to Quick Access Toolbar. This adds the Insert
Citation button to the Quick Access toolbar that’s always visible, no matter which ribbon tab is active.
Inserting an Existing Citation
When you create a citation, Word adds it to the Source Manager’s master list, shown
in Figure 6-5. The sources shown here are available to any document you create in
Word. So if you use the same source in two or more papers, you don’t have to create
it again for each document. Instead, just fire up the Source Manager.
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