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Inserting an Existing Citation
Citations and
Here’s how to add an existing citation to a new document:
1. Openthedocumenttowhichyouwanttoaddthesource.SelectReferences
The Source Manager, shown in Figure 6-5, opens. On the left is the Master
List of sources you’ve created. (You can sort these items by author, tag, title, or
year—use the upper-right drop-down list to select your sort criterion.) On the
right is a list of sources available in the current document. At the bottom, the
Preview area shows you how the selected citation looks in the style you selected
(APA, MLA, and so on), both as an in-text note and as a bibliography entry.
Tip: If you can’t find the source you want in the Master List, click the Browse button. In the Open Source
List dialog box that opens, find and select the source file you want, and then click OK to show it in the
Master List.
2. SelectasourcefromtheMasterList,andthenclickCopy.
The source you selected appears in the Current List box. Word also adds the
source to the current document’s Source Gallery.
3. Whenyou’redoneaddingsourcestothecurrentdocument,clickClose.
The Source Manager closes.
Figure 6-5:
Select any item from
the Master List to use
as a source in the
current document
(click Copy to add it).
If the Master List is
jam-packed, you can
find the one you’re
looking for using the
Search box at the top
of the Source
Manager. You can sort
sources by author,
tag, title, or year.
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