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Inserting a Placeholder
Citations and
4. Whenyouwanttoaddacitationtoyourdocument,positionthecursorwhere
youwantthecitationtoappear.SelectReferences InsertCitation(Alt,S,C).
The Source Gallery appears, showing sources available to this document.
5. Selectthesourceyouwanttocite.
The citation appears in your document.
Tip: You can also create a new source right from the Source Manager. Click the New button to open
the Create Source dialog box (Figure 6-4). Word adds the new source to both the Master List and the
Current List.
Inserting a Placeholder
Sometimes you know you need to insert a citation but don’t have the source
information at hand. When that happens, there’s no need to stop everything and make
an emergency trip to the library. Just insert a placeholder for the citation and keep
working. Later, when you have the info you need, you can fill it in.
Here’s what to do:
1. Put the cursor where you want the citation to appear, and then select
References InsertCitation AddNewPlaceholder(Alt,S,C,P).
The Placeholder Name dialog box opens. This dialog box simply asks you for a
name for the placeholder.
2. Enteraname (oraccept theoneWord suggests,which isalong the linesof
Word inserts the placeholder in your text.
3. Whenyou’vegatheredtheinfoyouneedtofillinthesource,opentheSource
Manager(References ManageSourcesorAlt,S,M.)
Your placeholder name appears in the right-hand Current List, preceded by a
question mark, like this: ? Placeholder1.
4. SelecttheplaceholderandthenclicktheEditbutton.
The Edit Source dialog box opens. This looks just like the Create Source dialog
box shown in Figure 6-4.
5. Addtheinformationaboutthesource.Whenyou’redone,clickOK.
Word replaces the placeholder with whatever you added.
6. ClickClosetodismisstheSourceManager.
Back in your document, Word has replaced the placeholder with the new
information. If you’ve used the same placeholder in more than one spot, then the
new citation appears in all of them.
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