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Editing a Citation or Its Source
Citations and
Note: In the Source Manager’s Current List, Word marks placeholders with a question mark and sources
that you’ve cited in the document with a checkmark. So before you print or email a document, you can
double-check to make sure that you’ve replaced all placeholders and cited all sources.
Editing a Citation or Its Source
When Word inserts a citation into your document, it doesn’t put the citation in as
plain old text; it holds the citation in what’s known as a “content control frame”—a
mini-database that Word uses to update all citations if you change the source
information. So if you need to correct a source—maybe you misspelled an author’s name
or typed in the wrong year—you don’t have to go through the document and fix the
problem one instance at a time. Instead, change the source information and let Word
hunt down and correct all the related citations.
The quickest way to edit a source is to click the citation in your document. A content
control frame like the one shown in Figure 6-6 opens; click Citation Options (the
down arrow in its lower-right corner) and then choose one of these options:
Edit Citation. Select this if you want to make a change just to this citation. In
the Edit Citation box, you can add page numbers to the citation or suppress the
author, year, or title. (Suppressing information means that the piece of
information doesn’t appear in this citation. It doesn’t affect other citations in the
document or the source that’s the basis for the citation.)
Edit Source. Select this if you want to change the underlying source information.
Convert citation to static text. This changes the citation from dynamically
updated content to regular text. You might choose this option if you’re going to
save the document in a format other than Word’s .docx format (see page 24 to
learn about document formats).
Note: If you convert a citation to static text, Word can’t use that citation when it creates a bibliography
automatically (page xx6).
Figure 6-6:
Citations are content
enclosed in a frame.
When you want to
edit or delete a
citation, click the citation
to make the frame
Click this tab to
select the frame.
Citation Options button
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