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After you’ve written your document and added all its citations, go to the end of the
document (or section) and insert a page break (page 155) so your bibliography
begins on its own page. Then follow these steps:
1. Make sure the cursor iswhere youwant the bibliography to appear. Select
References Bibliography(Alt,S,B).
A menu of built-in bibliography styles appears.
2. Clicktheoptionyouwant.
Word inserts a bibliography—alphabetized and properly formatted—that
includes full source information for all the citations in the document.
How easy was that?
Updating a Bibliography
If you’ve already generated a bibliography, you can update it when you add a new
source or edit an existing one. Like a citation, a bibliography appears inside a frame
so that Word can automatically make behind-the-scenes changes when your source
information changes.
To update a bibliography, click the bibliography to select it. A frame appears around
it, like the one shown in Figure 6-7. In the tab at the top of the frame, click “Update
Citations and Bibliography.” That’s it—Word updates your bibliography with the
most current source and citation information.
Click here to update
your bibliography.
Figure 6-7:
At the top of the
frame, click Update
Citations and
Bibliography, and Word
revises your
bibliography to include the
latest citation and
source info.
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