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Choosing a Theme
Themes: The Way to
Better Designs
Figure 7-1:
After Office, the standard theme, the
Themes gallery shows Word’s built-in
choices in alphabetical order by
name. Scroll down to see more.
Whether you’re using Word’s standard Office theme or you’ve chosen a different
one, you can tweak it to suit your needs. Go to the Page Layout tab’s Themes section
(it’s at the far left end of the ribbon), and then choose one of these commands:
Theme Colors (Alt, P, TC). This button shows you a menu of theme colors
so you can change them without changing any of the theme’s other elements.
Choose a preselected set of colors or click Create New Theme Colors to open
the dialog box shown in Figure 7-2, where you can select your own.
Theme Fonts (Alt, P, TF). Choose the fonts most pleasing to your eye for
headings and for body text. You can pick one of Word’s built-in pairings, or click
Create New Theme Fonts to open a dialog box where you choose a heading font
and a body font from drop-down lists. (A preview in the Sample pane shows
how your choices look together).
Theme Effects (Alt, P, TE). Each theme includes graphic effects, such as
shadows and line styles. (If your document is just text with no graphics, you don’t
have to worry about the options here.) You can take the effects from one theme
and apply them to another. Click this button, scrutinize the examples to see
which effects you want, then and select any theme to grab its goodies.
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