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Saving a Theme
Themes: The Way to
Better Designs
Figure 7-2:
If you’ve got a good eye for color, you can
create a new color scheme for a theme. The labels
tell you what the color is for, such as text/
background and hyperlink; use the drop-down
list to choose the color for that element. As you
select a new color, the sample image on the
right changes so you can see how changing
that color affects documents. Give your color
scheme a name and click Save to add it to the
Theme Colors menu for future use.
Saving a Theme
After you’ve created a custom theme, you’ll probably want to save it for reuse.
Here’s how:
1. Create a custom theme and select Page Layout Themes Save Current
The Save Current Theme dialog box opens. It looks just like the dialog box you
use to save a document, but it’s got the Document Themes folder open and
Office Theme as the type of file you’re saving.
2. Typeanameforyourthemeinthe“Filename”box.Ifyouwanttosaveyour
theme ina folderother than theDocumentThemes folder,navigate toand
Word saves your theme and adds it to the Themes menu. Now it’s available for
any document you work with in Word.
Finding a Saved Theme
When you’ve saved a theme, Word adds it to the Themes gallery, which opens when
you select Page Layout Themes or press (Alt, P, TH). If you’ve saved a custom theme,
it appears in the Custom section at the top of the Themes gallery.
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