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Creating Your Own Template
Templates: Reusable
Document Blueprints
Once you can see the Developer tab on the ribbon, follow these steps to attach a
template to your document:
1. Go to theTemplates section onWord’sDeveloper tab and clickDocument
The Templates and Add-ins dialog box opens, showing the Templates tab. In the
Document template box, you see the name of the template currently used for
this document. To the right of that is a button labeled Attach.
2. ClicktheAttachbutton.
Word opens the Attach Template dialog box.
3. Findandselectthetemplateyouwant.ClickOpen.
Word takes you back to the Templates and Add-ins dialog box. Now the name
of the template you chose appears as the document’s template.
4. Turnonthecheckboxlabeled“Automaticallyupdatedocumentstyles”.
Turning on this checkbox tells Word to transfer the styles in the template to
your document.
5. ClickOK.
Your document has a new template.
Creating Your Own Template
Word offers a huge variety of templates, some built into Word and others that you can
download from (page 18) and use to create new documents. You can also
create and save a template of your own design. This is useful when you frequently
create documents whose formatting needs to be just so, and none of Word’s templates
quite suits your needs. There are three ways to create a do-it-yourself template: build
it from scratch, model it on an existing document, or tweak an existing template.
Creating a template from scratch
To design and save your own template, create a new blank document (page 17) and
set up the formatting the way you want it (Chapter 2 tells you all about formatting).
When you’ve done that, follow these steps to save your new template:
1. ClickFile SaveAs(Alt,F,A).
The Save As dialog box opens. This is the same dialog box, shown back in
Figure 1-7 (page 22), that you use to save any Word file.
2. In the Save As dialog box, choose the folder where you want to save your
To make your new template appear in “My templates” the next time you’re
looking for it, save it here:
For Windows 7 and Vista, save the template in C:\Users\[YourName]\AppData\
Roaming\Microsoft\Templates .
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