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Customizing a Template
Templates: Reusable
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Customizing a Template
After you’ve been working with a particular template, you might want to make some
changes to it. This section shows you how.
Changing an existing style within a template
If you want, you can tweak any style within an existing style set (recall that style sets
are a theme’s preformatted fonts for different kinds of text: titles, headings, body text,
and so on). To do this, start on the Home tab. In the Styles section, click the
lowerright Styles button (Alt, H, FY or Alt+Ctrl+Shift+S) to open the Styles pane, shown
in Figure 7-3. This window lists all the styles in the current set: normal (regular body
text), headings, emphasis, and so on.
As you pass your mouse over the styles, a ScreenTip appears to show you the
specifications of each (font, size, color, any special formatting or spacing).
Tip: To see what the style looks like, instead of just reading a description of it, turn on the Show Preview
checkbox just below the list of styles.
Figure 7-3:
The Styles pane shows you all the styles in the current style set (turn on the Show Preview
checkbox to see how they look in the document). At the bottom of the windows are
these buttons: New Style (for building your own style), Style Inspector (which gives you
a detailed look at a style’s formatting), and Manage Styles (where you can edit existing
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