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Customizing a Template
Templates: Reusable
Document Blueprints
Automatically update. For paragraph and linked styles only, turning on this
checkbox tells Word to change the whole style whenever you make a formatting
change to a paragraph that uses this style. That means that a formatting change
you make to one paragraph—indenting the paragraph, for example—automati-
cally alters all other paragraphs using that style to reflect the change. Most folks
keep this option turned off.
Only in this document/New documents based on this template. Here’s where
you decide whether you want this style only for the document you’re working
with right now or for all documents created from this template.
After you’ve modified the style, click OK to save your changes.
Creating a new style for a template
You’re not limited to the styles that come with Word. You can build your own style
from the ground up. When you do, you can make the new style a part of the template
you’re using, so it’s always available for any document you create using that template.
To create a brand-new style, go to the Home tab’s Styles section and click the
lowerright Styles button (Alt, H, FY) to pop out the Styles pane (Figure 7-3). There, click
the lower-left New Style button. The Create New Style from Formatting dialog box
opens; it looks just like the Modify Style box shown in Figure 7-4. Give your new
style a name and type and set up the formatting options you want for it. Click OK,
and you’ve got yourself a new style.
Tip: To make your new style available to all documents created from the current template, be sure to turn
on the “New documents based on this template” radio button before you click OK.
Copying a style from one template to another
If there’s a style you really like in one template that you want to use in a different
template, you don’t have to try to rebuild that style from the ground up—you can
simply copy it from one template to the other. Start by opening a document that has
the style (or styles) you want to copy. Then take these steps:
1. In the Home tab’s Styles section, click the lower-right pop-out button
The Styles pane (Figure 7-3) opens.
2. Atthebottomofthewindow,clicktheManageStylesbutton.
Word opens the Manage Styles dialog box. Select the Edit tab (if it’s not already
3. IntheEdittab’slower-leftcorner,clicktheImport/Exportbutton.
The Organizer dialog box opens to the Styles tab, as shown in Figure 7-5. On the
left is a list of the styles available in the open document. On the right is a list of
styles available in the current template.
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