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Customizing a Template
Templates: Reusable
Document Blueprints
Figure 7-5:
To copy a style from
one document or
template to another,
click the style you
want to copy in the
left-hand box and
click Copy to add it to
the template shown
on the right. You can
also delete or rename
styles here.
4. OntherightsideoftheOrganizer,clicktheCloseFilebutton.
What you’re doing here is choosing a different template so you can use its styles
in the current document. The current template’s styles disappear, and the button
changes its name to Open File.
5. ClicktheOpenFilebutton.
The Open dialog box appears, displaying Word templates.
6. Navigatetothetemplatetowhichyouwanttocopythestyle(s).Selectitand
The template you opened now appears on the right side of the Organizer, with
its styles listed in the box there.
7. Intheleft-handlist,selectthestyleyouwanttocopy.(Youcanselectmultiple
The selected styles appear in the template’s list on the Organizer’s left side. If
any of the styles already in that template have the same name as a style you’re
copying, a dialog box appears, asking if you want to overwrite the existing style.
Select Yes, Yes to All, No, or Cancel.
8. Whenyou’refinishedcopyingstyles,clickClose.
Word closes the Organizer; the styles you copied are now available to any
document created using that template (including existing documents).
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