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Save Time with Macros
Save Time with
Figure 7-6:
Before you record a macro, choose whether you’ll run that
macro by clicking a button or by pressing a combination
of keys on the keyboard.
3. Selectwhereyouwanttostorethemacro,eitherinalldocumentsorjustin
The default is All Documents, which stores the macro in the Normal.dotm
template, so the macro works with any document created using the Normal template.
4. Inthe“Assignmacroto”section,choosehowyou’llrunthemacro:byclicking
If you click Button, the Word Options dialog box opens to the Quick Access
toolbar section, as shown in Figure 7-7. Your new button appears in the
lefthand box. Click Add to put it on the Quick Access toolbar. (Page 889 tells you
more about customizing the Quick Access toolbar.) Click OK.
Figure 7-7:
When you create
a button to run a
macro, put it on the
Quick Access toolbar
for easy access. Select
your macro from the
left box and click Add
to put it on the
toolbar. All macro buttons
look the same, but
the name you gave
the macro appears
as a tooltip when you
point at the button.
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