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Laying Out Text in Columns
Newsletters and
Download. Word opens a new document based on the template; Figure 8-1 shows
an example.
The template has placeholder text showing you what goes where. Click any
placeholder and start typing to replace it with your own content.
Text box
Figure 8-1:
This newsletter
template consists of
a series of text boxes
filled with temporary,
placeholder text. Click
any box (like the
newsletter’s title here)
and type in your own
Note: If you create a wide range of publications—newsletters, calendars, greeting cards, brochures, and
so on—or if you plan to send your publishing job to a commercial printer, consider using Publisher,
Microsoft’s professional-level publishing program, covered in Chapter 29. Publisher lets you create, format,
and customize a wide variety of publications, from greeting cards and calendars to brochures, newsletters,
and business cards. Publisher comes with Office Professional, but it’s not included in the Office Home and
Student or the Office Home and Business suite. (Don’t worry—if that’s your version of Office, you can still
create great-looking documents with Word.)
Laying Out Text in Columns
By using one of Word’s templates, you can create a tri-fold brochure or a
multicolumn newsletter without even thinking about how to set up columns—the template
takes care of that for you. If you’re designing your own document, though, it’s easy
enough to lay out your text in columns:
1. SelectPageLayout Columns(Alt,P,J).
A menu appears, as shown in Figure 8-2, that gives you a choice of layouts:
one column (the normal page layout in Word), two or three columns of equal
width, Left (a narrow column on the left side of the page and a wide column to
its right), or Right (vice versa).
2. Clicktheoptionyouwant.
Word applies that layout to your document.
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