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Inserting a Text Box
Newsletters and
Figure 8-4:
If you want a sidebar or a pull quote
(called “quotes” in this menu) for your
newsletter, check out the ones that
Word has already designed for you.
Each style of text box has a name,
such as Alphabet or Austere, so you
can choose text box styles that work
together—you’ll know, for example, that
the Annual Sidebar and the Annual
Quote will look good together on the
You can also draw your own text boxes. You might do this to position the main text
of your brochure or newsletter, and then use one of Word’s preformatted text boxes
to add a pull quote or sidebar. To draw a text box, follow these steps:
1. SelectInsert TextBox DrawTextBox(Alt,X,D).
The mouse pointer changes to a crosshairs.
2. Clickand,holdingdownthemousebutton,dragtocreatearectangle.
As you move the mouse, the text box expands or contracts.
3. Whenthetextboxisthesizeyouwant,releasethemousebutton.
Word creates a text box for you to type in. The cursor is already inside it, so go
ahead and start typing. Or, if you prefer to lay out the page before adding
content, go ahead and draw another text box.
When you select a text box, the Drawing Tools | Format contextual tab appears. You
format text boxes in Word in the same way you would in PowerPoint. To read about
positioning text with these boxes, see page 568. For information on formatting text
boxes, flip ahead to page 569.
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