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Images and Text Wrapping
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Images and Text Wrapping
Adding images to your newsletter or brochure breaks up the text, illustrates your
points, and catches the reader’s eye. Chapter 3 is all about working with images, so
head back there if you need a refresher. Here, read on to see how to integrate images
with columns and text boxes.
Inserting an image into a document with columns
You can insert an image into a column or have it appear between two columns. The
first maneuver is easy: It’s just like inserting an image in a paragraph. Click where
you want the image to appear, and then select Insert Picture (or whatever kind of
graphic you want). In the dialog box that opens, find and select your image, and then
click Insert. Word puts your picture into the column at the point you selected; resize
and align the picture as you like.
To insert an image between two columns, click approximately where you want the
image to appear, and then follow these steps:
1. GototheInserttab(Alt,N)andselectthekindofimageyouwanttoinsert—
Word inserts the image and displays the Picture Tools | Format contextual tab.
The image probably isn’t quite where you want it to appear, but you’ll fix that in
the next step.
2. SelectPictureTools|Format WrapText.
Wrapping text is a way of telling Word how to position text in relation to a
picture. A menu appears, showing the different ways you can position the image in
relation to the text.
3. SelectanoptionsuchasSquare,Tight,orThrough.
Word applies the kind of wrapping you chose. Square is a good choice for a
square or rectangular image that appears between two columns. Page 107
describes text wrapping options.
4. Clicktheimagetoselectit,andthendragandpositionitwhereyouwantitto
If the wrapping doesn’t look quite right, you can click the image and click Wrap
Text again to select a different wrapping style. Or see the instructions for
adjusting the image’s wrap points on page 108.
Inserting an image into a document with text boxes
If you’ve laid out your newsletter or brochure using text boxes, you’ll want to
position any images you insert in relation to those text boxes. You can drag both images
and text boxes around the page and drop them into place. To make your layout look
professional, head to the Drawing Tools | Format tab, where you can pretty up your
layout in the following ways:
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