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Creating a Web Page from Scratch
Web Page Design
1. SelectInsert Table(Alt,N,T)andcreatea3 × 3table(threecolumnsand
Why a 3 × 3 table? The top row will hold your web page’s header, the banner that
announces your site’s name. Most of the left column will become the navigation
bar that lets visitors jump to other pages. The bottom row holds your footer,
which might include a copyright notice or a Contact Me link, and the rest of the
table is for your content. As you go through the steps, you’ll see how this table
creates a place for each element on the page.
Tip: For details about working with tables in Word, see page 81.
2. Select the entire table, and then click Table Tools | Design Borders No
You’re using a table to help with layout, but you don’t actually want lines
between its columns and rows to appear on the final page.
3. OntheTableTools|Layouttab,clicktheViewGridlinesbutton(Alt,JL,TG)
Gridlines are dotted lines that appear between a table’s rows and columns. They
help you see what you’re doing as you work with the table, but they’re not visible
when you upload the final table to your site.
4. Centeryourtable:Selectingthewholetable,gototheHometab’sParagraph
This centers the table when a web browser displays it. If you don’t center the
table, it appears shoved over to the left side of visitors’ screens.
5. Giveyourpagesomestyle.OntheTableTools |Designtab,gototheTable
Figure 8-5 shows an example of a style that makes a good background for a web
6. Choose one ofWord’s themes to unify the look of your page. Select Page
Layout Themes(Alt,P,TH)toopentheThemesgallery.
As you pass your cursor over the different theme options, your table changes to
reflect each theme.
7. Select Page Layout Page Color (Alt, P, PC) to set a background color for
Choose a color from the same theme you applied to the table. This is the
background against which your text will appear, so choose a light color that’s easy on
the eyes and that provides good contrast to your theme’s font color.
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