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Creating a Web Page from Scratch
Web Page Design
Figure 8-5:
This 3 × 3 table has one
color for the top row
(which will serve as the
web page’s header),
another for the left
column (soon to become
the navigation bar),
and a third for the rest
of the table, which will
hold text and images.
Step 2: Create a header
The header is the banner across the top of a web page that announces the name and
purpose of the site. It’s a good idea to use a header consistently across all pages in
your website, so viewers never lose track of where they are.
Create your web page’s header by focusing on your table’s top row:
1. Selectthefirstrowofthetable,andthenclickTableTools|Layout Merge
The cells merge into a single cell that stretches across the entire row.
2. Typeandformattheheadingforyourwebpage,suchas My Web Page .
To format the text, use the Home tab’s formatting buttons or go to the Styles
gallery (Alt, H, L) and select Title (or another style you like for your heading).
Center the header (Alt, H, AC) and, to make it a good size for a web page,
choose a font size of about 36 points. Figure 8-6 gives you an idea of how the
header might look.
Figure 8-6:
Use a large font for
your header to make
it clear and easily
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