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Creating a Web Page from Scratch
Web Page Design
2. Navigatetothefolderwhereyouwanttosavethetemplate(suchaswiththe
like my site template.htm. SelectWebPage(.htm,.html)asthefiletype,and
Word saves your template.
3. Close my site template.htm (orwhateveryounamedyournewtemplate)and
reopen index.htm .
Now you can finish working on your site’s home page, adding text and images.
Use your saved template as a starting point for creating more pages (the next
section shows you how).
Step 6: Adding text and images
Use the table’s middle and right columns to position the text and images you add to
your page, as shown in Figure 8-10. To add text, click inside a cell and start typing.
To insert a photo, click in the column where you want the image to appear and select
Insert Picture (Alt, N, P). Then find and insert the image you want.
Figure 8-10:
Now you can see the
benefit of using a
table to lay out your
page; the table’s cells
ensure even spacing.
Format text and images in the same way you’d format them in any other Word
document. If you need a refresher, Chapter 2 is all about working with text in Word, and
the discussion of formatting images starts on page 100.
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