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Creating More Pages for Your Site
Web Page Design
Tip: To see a preview of how the page will look when you post it on the Web, open your favorite web
browser and use it to view the page. In Firefox, for example, click File➝Open File; in the Open File dialog
box, find the HTML file on your computer, select it, and then click Open. If you make changes to the page
in Word, click Save (Ctrl+S), and then refresh the page in your browser to see how it looks.
Creating More Pages for Your Site
When you created your web page template’s navigation bar (page 209), you created a
new, empty document for each link and opted to edit it later. Now is the time to add
some content to those documents.
1. SelectFile Open(Alt,F,O).
Word’s Open dialog box appears.
2. Findandselectthetemplateforyoursite’spages( my site template.htm inthe
“Wait a second,” you might be thinking. “Why am I creating a new document,
when I’ve already got one (or more) waiting for a fresh helping of new content?”
Patience, Grasshopper; you’ll see why in a moment. Meanwhile, your template
gives birth to a new, untitled document.
3. Beforeyoudoanythingelse,selectFile SaveAs(Alt,F,A).
The Save As dialog box opens.
4. Findandselectthepageyouwanttocreate.Forexample, ifyou’regoingto
workonyourAboutMepage,select aboutme.htm (orwhateveryounamed
Word presents you with a dialog box telling that you the file already exists. (You
already know that, because you created it when you set up the navigation links.)
5. Make sure that the “Replace existing file” radio button is on, and then
Your template is now the basis for the page you selected. (Now do you see the
thinking behind creating that new template-based file?) Add whatever text and
images you want to put on this page. Save the file when you’re done working on
the page.
Note: Unlike blog posts, Word can’t upload pages to your website. The procedure for doing that depends
on the requirements laid out by whoever’s hosting your website—check their help files for instructions on
how to upload HTML files.
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