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Sharing and Collaborating on Documents
Sharing and Collaborating
on Documents
We’ve all heard it over and over from the time we were preschoolers: It’s
nice to share. When it comes to documents, you can be the nicest person
around, thanks to Word’s many sharing options. You can email a
document right from Word or upload it to the Web and share it there.
Of course, sharing documents is about more than passing them around for others
to read. Want to collaborate with others on a document-in-progress? Word gives
you tons of options there, too: inserting comments, tracking changes that different
people make to a document, comparing and combining different versions of a
document. And since some things weren’t meant to be shared, you can also protect your
creations in various ways to ensure that no one makes changes they shouldn’t.
Sharing a Document
Besides printing out and handing readers a hard copy, there are many other ways to
share your work. So many, in fact, that Word has a special Backstage section (Figure
9-1) just for sharing. To find it, select File Share (Alt, F, H).
Tip: Before sharing a document, make sure it doesn’t contain any personal or hidden information that
you don’t want others to see. Flip to page 230 to read about how Word’s Document Inspector cleans up
your documents before you share them.
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