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Emailing a Document
Sharing a Document
Send as Internet Fax. You can send a fax directly from Word. You don’t even
need a fax machine—but you do need a fax service provider. (If you don’t have
one, Word offers to take you to a page on where you can choose one.)
Note: Chapter 5 gives you the lowdown on faxing a document from your computer.
Emailing a document as an attachment
To email a document as an attachment, follow these steps:
1. Open the file you want to send and choose File Share Send Using
Email SendasanAttachment(Alt,F,H,E,A).
Word launches your main email program (this topic assumes it’s Outlook, which
is discussed in Part 2) with the document already attached. Your email address
appears in the From line, and the document’s title provides the Subject line.
2. Typeyourrecipient’semailaddressintheToline(ifyou’resendingtheemail
to multiple people, put commas between the addresses to separate them).
Your email zips off through cyberspace with copies of your document
tagging along.
Note: Emailing the document as a PDF (Alt, F, H, E, F) or as an XPS (Alt, F, H, E, X) works the same way
as attaching the document. The only difference is behind the scenes: Word converts your document to the
file format you chose before opening Outlook and attaching the file to a new email.
Emailing a link to a document
If you’ve stored a document on SkyDrive (see the next section) or on SharePoint (see
page 219), you can email a link to the online document. With the document open in
Word, select File Share Send Using Email Send a Link (Alt, F, H, E, L).
Just like when you send a document as an attachment, Outlook opens a new email
message with your address in the From line and the document’s title in the Subject
line. In the body of the message is a link to the online document. Type in a recipient,
add a message explaining the link, and click Send. Your message and its link are on
their way.
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