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Saving a Document to SkyDrive
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Saving a Document to SkyDrive
You’ve probably heard of “cloud computing,” which lets you store files on distant
servers and access them over the Internet. Cloud computing must have been what
Microsoft had in mind when it named SkyDrive, which is home to Office Web Apps
and offers 25 GB of free online storage. (Chapter 31 tells you all about working with
Office on the Web.) When you store a file on SkyDrive, you can access it from
anywhere—all you need is an Internet connection and a web browser. When you save a
document on SkyDrive, you can read and edit it from any computer online. Or you
can download the document and open it in Word, edit it, and save the edited file on
your computer or in SkyDrive.
Note: Whenever you download a document from the Internet, Word opens that document in Protected
View (which means you can’t edit it) and warns you that files you find on the Internet might harm your
computer. If you’re simply retrieving a file you stored on SkyDrive, you don’t have to worry that it’s
malicious. Click Enable Editing to edit the document.
Before you can store documents on SkyDrive, you need a Windows Live ID. If you’ve
got a Hotmail, Messenger, or Xbox Live account, you already have one—you can
sign into SkyDrive with the username and password you use for that account. If you
don’t yet have a Windows Live ID and you want to use SkyDrive, go to http://home. and click the Sign Up button to create an account and get your ID.
To save a document to SkyDrive, make sure your computer is connected to the
Internet, and then do this:
1. OpenthedocumentyouwanttosaveonSkyDriveandselectFile Share Save
A dialog box opens, asking for your Windows Live ID username and password.
2. Typetherequestedinfoand,ifyou’reonacomputerthat’sforyourownper-
The right side of the screen changes to list your SkyDrive folders.
Note: The first time you use SkyDrive, you have to agree to the Windows Live service agreement and
privacy statement before you can proceed. Click the links to read these policies, and then click the button
labeled “I accept”.
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