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Viewing Comments
Adding Comments
Figure 9-3:
In Print Layout view,
type your comment
into the balloon that
appears in the right
Tip: Word uses your name and initials to label comments. Occasionally, you might want to change how
word marks your comments—for example, in a project where each team member identifies him- or herself
by role (AU for author, ED for editor, CE for copyeditor, and so on), rather than by name. To change the
name or initials Word uses, go Backstage: Select File➝Options (Alt, F, I). In the General section of the
Word Options box, find “Personalize your copy of Microsoft Office”—that’s where you can change this info.
Click OK to apply.
Viewing Comments
When you want to see the comments in a document, it’s easiest to read them in Print
Layout or Web Layout views. Just look for a comment balloon in the right margin.
A dotted line connects the comment to the highlighted text it refers to. That way, in
a document with lots of comments, you’ll never get confused about which comment
refers to what.
In Print Layout and Web Layout views, you can proceed through the comments by
scrolling down the page. Or you can jump from one comment to the next by using
the Next Comment and Previous Comment buttons in the Review tab’s Comments
section. Click the button you want to move forward or backward, or press Alt, R, N to
move forward to the next comment or Alt, R, V to go back to the previous comment.
Note: Outline view isn’t a good choice for viewing comments, because it shows only the first line of body
paragraphs. Use a different view when you’re working with comments.
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