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Editing a Comment
Adding Comments
When you’re reading a document in Draft view, highlighting and the commenter’s
initials indicate that there’s a comment, but the comment itself is hidden. There are
two ways to read a comment in Draft view:
Hover your mouse pointer over the commenter’s initials. The comment
appears as a ScreenTip.
Open the Reviewing pane. This pane lists all a document’s comments in its
“Main document changes and comments” section, so you can scroll down the list
to read the comments. To open the Reviewing pane, select Review Reviewing
Pane (Alt, R, TP and then either V to see a vertical Reviewing pane on the left side
of the screen or H to see a horizontal Reviewing pane at the bottom of the screen).
You can tell Word to display the Reviewing pane either horizontally or vertically:
Click the Reviewing Pane button’s right-hand down arrow and then select your
preference: Reviewing Pane Vertical or Reviewing Pane Horizontal. Word remembers
your preference and displays the Reviewing pane in the orientation you chose the
next time you open it.
Tip: Here’s a shortcut to opening the Reviewing pane: Right-click any text that has a comment attached to
it. From the shortcut menu that pops up, choose Edit Comment.
To move through comments in the Reviewing pane, you can use the pane’s scroll bar
or the Review tab’s Next and Previous Comment buttons.
Tip: To switch views, use the View buttons on the right side of the status bar.
Editing a Comment
At some point, you might want to clarify feedback or fix a typo in a comment you
previously made, or perhaps respond to a comment someone else has made. If you’re in
Print Layout or Web Layout view, simply click inside the balloon where you want the
cursor to appear and make your edits. Click outside the balloon when you’re done.
To edit a comment in Draft view, open the Reviewing pane (Review Reviewing Pane
or Alt, R, TP), click the comment you want to edit, and type away. Click anywhere in
the document to return to it.
Deleting a Comment
If you want to clean up old comments (after you’ve taken care of the issues they
raised, for example), start by right-clicking the text related to the comment you want
to delete. From the shortcut menu, select Delete Comment. Everything about the
comment—the highlighting, the balloon or text in the comment pane, the
commenter’s initials—disappears.
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