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Selecting Which Changes to View
Tracking Changes
Comments (Alt, R, TM, C). If you don’t want to see comments or the
highlighting and initials that show that they’re there, uncheck this option.
Ink (Alt, R, TM, K). This option is for showing or hiding comments added to a
document by writing on a tablet PC.
Insertions and Deletions (Alt, R, TM, I). Insertions and deletions come as a
set; you can show them both or hide them both.
Formatting (Alt, R, TM, F). Turning off this option leaves the formatting in
place but removes the balloon that marks it.
Markup Area Highlight (Alt, R, TM, H). The markup area is where Word
displays balloons on the right side of the page in Print Layout and Web Layout
views. When this is turned on, the markup area is set off from the document
with light blue highlighting. When it’s off, the markup area has a white
background, just like the document proper.
Balloons (Alt, R, TM, B). You’ve got some flexibility about what balloons can
display. When you point at this option, a fly-out menu appears, giving you the
choice of one of these uses for balloons:
Show Revisions in Balloons. This makes the markup area work like the
Reviewing pane; all changes—comments, insertions, deletions, formatting
changes, you name it—get flagged in balloons.
Show All Revisions Inline. Some people don’t like balloons. If that’s you,
choose this option to hide balloons in all views (even Print Layout and Web
Show Only Comments and Formatting in Balloons. This is Word’s
default choice. In Print Layout and Web Layout views, comments and
formatting appear in balloons, but other changes appear in the text.
Reviewers (Alt, R, TM, R). If several people are working on the same
document, you can focus on the changes made by just one reviewer. You might want
to review your boss’s changes extra carefully, for example, or tone down the
flowery prose of that Shakespeare wannabe two cubicles over.
Figure 9-5:
A document with lots
of tracked changes
can be difficult to
read. Focus on a
particular kind of
change—or changes
from a particular
reviewer—by turning
Show Markup options
on and off.
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