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Setting Track Changes Options
Tracking Changes
Tip: If you want to accept or reject all instances of a particular kind of change, such as all formatting
changes, while leaving other changes tracked, click the Show Markup button and make sure that only the
kind of change you want to accept or reject en masse is checked. Then, on the Review tab, click the down
arrow for the Accept or the Reject button and select Accept All Changes Shown (Alt, R, A, A) or Reject All
Changes Shown (Alt, R, J, A).
Setting Track Changes Options
Like so many aspects of Word, Track Changes is highly customizable. If you’d rather
show insertions by making them bold (rather than underlining them), for example,
you can do that. Or if you don’t want Word to track formatting changes, you can turn
that off. It’s up to you.
To set your Track Changes options, select Review, click the down arrow at the
bottom of the Track Changes button, and then select Change Tracking Options (Alt,
R, G, O). This opens the Track Changes Options dialog box, shown in Figure 9-6,
where you can set these options:
Insertions. Use the drop-down menus to select how Word indicates that a
reviewer has inserted new text. Your options include formatting and color.
Deletions. Choose the formatting and color for deleted text.
Figure 9-6:
Customize how Word tracks changes to reflect the
way you work best.
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