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Combining Documents
Combining Documents
It used to be that, if you wanted to combine multiple versions into a single
document, you were in for a long and tedious session of careful copying and pasting. No
more. Word compares and combines documents for you, showing the differences as
tracked changes you can accept or reject.
The process for combining documents is almost identical to the process for
comparing them, discussed in the previous section. Start by selecting Review Compare
Combine (Alt, R, M, M) to open the Combine Documents dialog box. This looks
exactly like the Compare Documents dialog box shown in Figure 9-7, except for the
name at the top. In the Combine Documents dialog box, follow steps 2–4 for
comparing documents.
In the document that combines the two versions, review the revised document’s
changes and accept or reject them as you wish.
Protecting Your Documents
Sending a document out into the world can be a risky venture. You might get
feedback you don’t want or—worse—changes made to a finished document. It’s even
possible that others might be able to see hidden or personal information that you
don’t want them to, like comments and revisions or your name as the original author.
Word gives you several ways to protect the documents you share with others.
Document Inspector removes hidden data and personal information. You can also restrict
others’ ability to format or edit a document, protect a document by requiring a
password to open it, or add a digital signature so you know that a document is authentic.
This section tells you how to protect your Word documents in all these ways and more.
Removing Hidden Data and Personal Information
Even a document that looks squeaky clean may contain information you don’t want
to share. For example, there may be tracked changes you didn’t spot or headers that
were only for your working version. Even the sharpest-eyed reviewer can miss
something occasionally. That’s why it’s a good idea to have Word give your document a
final once-over before you share it. Document Inspector knows what to look for. When
it finds hidden or personal information, you can remove it from the document.
When you’ve finalized the document, save it. Then put Document Inspector to work:
1. SelectFile Info(Alt,F,E)andtakealookatthePrepareforSharingsection.
This is where Word lists any issues that you might want to clear up before you
share a document.
2. ClickCheckforIssues InspectDocument(pressIandthenEnterifyou’ve
The Document Inspector, shown in Figure 9-8, opens.
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