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Figure 9-8:
This dialog box shows the
different kinds of content the Document
Inspector can look for when it
scours your document. For any
item you want the Document
Inspector to find, make sure its
checkbox is turned on.
The Document Inspector lists different kinds of content you might want to find
and remove from your document:
Comments, Revisions, Versions, and Annotations. If any of these linger
in your document, Word smokes them out. If you decide to remove them,
Word accepts revisions and annotations and removes comments and other
Note: Annotations refers to ink annotations made on a tablet PC.
Document Properties and Personal Information. This category includes
information like the author’s name and the name of the template you used
to create the document. You can view Document Properties on the right
side of Word’s Backstage info section. (Click the Properties button and
select Show All Properties to see just how much information travels with
your document—properties could include your company name and
manager, for example.)
Custom XML Data. Your company might use custom XML data that you
can’t see simply by looking at a document—but others who know how to
look for it can find it.
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