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Restricting Formatting and Editing
Protecting Your
Headers, Footers, and Watermarks. You might have a header or footer
that contains information about the document in process that you don’t
need to share with outsiders. Or your company’s watermark may be
proprietary. If you need to remove this kind of information, the Document
Inspector will make sure it’s gone.
Invisible Content. This doesn’t apply to Word documents, but you can
format objects as invisible in Excel workbooks and PowerPoint presentations.
Hidden Text. You can use the Font dialog box (Alt, H, FN) to format
selected text as hidden. When you do, the Document Inspector finds it
and reminds you it’s there. If you decide to remove this hidden text, Word
deletes it from the document.
Note: If you’re trying to run the Document Inspector on a file that has unsaved changes, Word warns
you to save changes before proceeding. That’s because the Document Inspector may remove
information that you can’t restore if you decide later that you wanted it. Click Yes to save the file or No to
proceed without saving.
3. For each item youwant theDocument Inspector to look for,make sure its
The Document Inspector conducts its inspection. While this is happening (for
a long document, it can take awhile), you see a dialog box with a progress bar.
When the Inspector is done checking, it changes to look something like Figure
9-9. If the Inspector finds a particular kind of comment, it tells you and displays
a Remove All button. (You can’t pick and choose which instances of the content
you want to get rid of.) If it doesn’t find any content, it tells you that, too.
4. Foranykindofcontentyouwanttoremove,clicktheRemoveAllbutton.
Word removes the content, and the Document Inspector box changes to tell you
that it’s gone.
5. When you’re done removing content, you can click Reinspect to have the
Document Inspector take a final sweepof thedocument.When you’re
The Document Inspector closes, and your document is squeaky clean and ready
to share.
Restricting Formatting and Editing
If too many cooks spoil the broth, then too many authors can wreak complete havoc
with your documents. Sometimes you want to share a document, but you don’t want
others putting their messy fingerprints all over your prose. Word offers a lot of
options for collaborating, but it also lets you protect your documents against changes
you don’t want.
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