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Restricting Formatting and Editing
Protecting Your
Figure 9-9:
Here are the results of a
document inspection. When the
Document Inspector finds a certain
kind of content, it gives you the
details and a Remove All button
so you can flush that material
out of the document before you
share it.
You can prevent other people from editing or formatting your document (or both)
in the Review tab’s Protect section. Click Review Restrict Editing (Alt, R, PE) to
open the Restrict Formatting and Editing pane, shown in Figure 9-10.
The Restrict Formatting and Editing pane lets you set these restrictions:
Formatting restrictions. To let others use only those styles you approve to
format the document, turn on the checkbox labeled “Limit formatting to a
selection of styles” and then click Settings. The Formatting Restrictions dialog box
opens with a list of styles currently allowed for the document—each permitted
style has a check in the box next to it. You can go through the list and turn off
the checkbox for any style you don’t want, or you can use the buttons beneath
the list to make your selection:
All turns on all checkboxes in the list, allowing all styles.
Recommended Minimum turns on the checkboxes of only those styles
Word recommends.
None turns off all checkboxes in the list, so reviewers can’t do any
formatting at all.
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