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Restricting Formatting and Editing
Protecting Your
At the bottom of the Formatting Restrictions dialog box are three checkboxes.
These are off by default; turn on any that meet your needs:
Allow AutoFormat to override formatting restrictions. Usually you’ll
leave this off. But if you want AutoFormat to have the final say about
formatting, turn on this checkbox.
Block Theme or Scheme switching. This prevents anyone reading the
document from changing its theme. So if you created the document with Word’s
Executive theme and you want it to stay that way, turn on this checkbox.
Block Quick Style set switching. Turning on this checkbox prevents
readers from changing the document’s current style set.
Tip: Chapter 7 discusses themes (page 181), and you can read about styles sets in Chapter 2 (page 51).
Click OK to apply the formatting restrictions you chose.
Figure 9-10:
The Restrict Formatting
and Editing pane is where
you set limits on what
others can do with your
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