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Coauthoring and Simultaneous Editing
Coauthoring and
Simultaneous Editing
Figure 9-11:
When you attach a digital ID to a document, Word
asks you to enter your reason for signing it.
FreqUently Asked qUestion
Signing on the Bottom Line
How do I add a signature line to a Word document?
you want to let the signer add comments, then turn
on the checkbox labeled “Allow the Signer to add
comments in the Sign dialog”. Leave the “Show sign
date in signature line” checkbox on to date the
signature. Click OK.
4. Word inserts a signature line, marked by a big, black
X, with the signer’s name beneath.
After Joe has read the memo, he double-clicks the
signature line to open the Sign dialog box.
When you want someone else to acknowledge or verify a
document, you can add a signature line for that person to
sign. Say you send Joe a memo and want him to sign and
return it, acknowledging that he read it. You can insert a
digital signature line—when Joe reads the memo, he
double-clicks the signature line and inserts his digital signature.
At the same time, Word verifies that Joe is the signer.
Here’s how it works:
1. In the document you want signed, click to place the
cursor wherever you want the signature line to appear.
2. Select Insert➝Signature Line (Alt, N, G) to open the
Signature Setup dialog box.
3. In the box, type in the name, title, and email address
of the person who’ll sign the document. Type any
directions into the “Instructions to the signer” box. If
In the box, he can type in his name, select an image of his
pen-and-ink signature (if he’s got one stored on his
computer), or sign it with a stylus (if he’s using a tablet PC).
When he’s done that, he clicks the Sign button to add his
signature to the document.
You can add signature lines to Word documents and Excel
Coauthoring and Simultaneous Editing
They say writing is a lonely occupation, conjuring images of a solitary author
scribbling away by candlelight in a drafty garret. But that kind of writing is so 19th century.
Today, writing is more and more a collaboration. Several authors might work together
to draft a report or even a novel, for example, or relatives might share memories for
a family history.
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