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Getting Started
Setting Up Outlook
2. ClickNext.
To configure Outlook to send and receive email messages, you need to connect
it to an email account. You can use Outlook with Internet email services (like
Gmail or Yahoo Mail), Microsoft Exchange (if your organization uses it), or
another email server (like a local Internet service provider). The wizard asks if
you want to configure an email account now.
3. TurnontheYesradiobuttonandclickNext.
The wizard takes you to the Auto Account Setup step, shown in Figure 10-1,
which asks for your name, email address, and password.
4. Typeintherequestedinformation,andthenclickNext.
Outlook connects to your email server and tests your email address. When
it’s finished, it lets you know that it’s configured your email account to work
with Outlook.
5. Ifyouwant,youcanaddanotheremailaccounttoOutlookatthispoint—a
Outlook opens your inbox, shown in Figure 10-2. You’ve already got one
message—the test message Outlook sent to make sure your account is all set up.
Figure 10-1:
The Outlook startup
wizard helps you
set up your Outlook
account to work with
your current email
address, perhaps the
one you use for work
or school.
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