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Inserting a Picture into an Email Message
Composing and
Sending Email
Tip: When you’re working in another Office program, you can email a file right from that program. Open
the file you want to send and select File➝Share➝Send Using E-mail (Alt, F, H, E). Select Send as
Attachment (A if you’re using keyboard shortcuts) to open an email-message-in-progress in Outlook with the file
already attached. You can also convert the file to a PDF or XPS (page 24) before you attach it or email a
link to a file that’s saved in SkyDrive or another shared location.
Inserting a Picture into an Email Message
People love to email photos, whether vacation snaps, new baby photos, or pictures
from the company’s annual meeting. You can send a photo as an attachment (see the
previous section), but that means the recipient has to open it using a separate
imageviewing program. To make sure your recipient sees your picture, you can insert it
into the body of the email instead.
To insert a picture (or any other kind of images, like shapes, charts, and clip art),
go to the Insert tab. In the Illustrations section, click the Picture button (Alt, N, P).
When the Insert Picture dialog box opens, navigate to the picture you want, select it,
and click Insert. Your picture appears in the email, and Outlook opens the Picture
Tools | Format contextual tab so you can edit the image before you send it.
Tip: You can also insert a picture into an email message by dragging it from Windows Explorer and
dropping it into the email.
Formatting pictures in Outlook works the same way as in Word. Table 10-2 lists
the different ways you can edit and format images, along with where you can find
instructions for doing different tasks.
Table 10-2. Where to find information about working with images
Page Number
Inserting a picture
Inserting clip art
Inserting a screenshot
Changing an image’s size
Cropping an image
Removing a picture’s background
Moving an image
Rotating an image
Adjusting an image’s appearance
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